"Painting and interior design are not mutually exclusive in my happy artistic universe.  I love Rothko and Warhol and the 14 th century painter Giotto. I also love finely woven Tibetan rugs and Delft pottery and anything by Charles and Ray Eames. The fine arts and the decorative arts meld  together in my world and in my work. Both disciplines consist of beauty, form, function and love." 



Artwork should be welcoming, even when it’s not! It can be filled with drama or strangeness but it must invite the viewer in. Art is about contrast, composition and content. Like a great interior the content must have intent and integrity. In my artwork like my interiors I don’t strive for perfection, I strive  for honesty and unity and that’s where I find the elegance and grace of a painting.


Homes should be comfy. They must have honesty and soul. A home should be a happy place where refinement, coziness and utility all play well together. A great mix of the delicate and the strong, the sacred and the profane…always good bedfellows! A dash of loveliness here, a dollop of drama there! Mix with a splash of tattered splendor and voila!! A home should be welcoming and it should function on many levels. A quiet place one day, festive and full of life the next. I adore honesty in people and in homes. While some look for perfection, I search for a touch of the flawed, the signs of a life lived. That is true elegance and grace.