White Rooms and Louise Nevelson

I’m having a “thing” for white rooms these days!

white room

White is purity, cleanliness, calmness.

white room

They say white contains all colors of the spectrum. White is awakening, reflective and open. Living in a white room is a commitment, like being a minimalist. I am more of a maximalist myself, but I could be a white maximalist with suggesions of other colors. Throw in some greys and creams and soft yellows. 

white room design
white room interior design

My fantasy involves having white rooms with open windows and breezes flowing in along with fresh air and sunshine. 

white room interior design Seattle

So, when in doubt, paint it white! Louise Nevelson, the great American Sculptress did. White paints pulls it all together. More on Ms Nevelson at a later date! Don’t get me started…I adore her!!

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