Kaftans and Maria Von Trapp!!

I often have that Maria Von Trapp moment that I'm sure you all can relate to. That moment when you walk into a room and think "oooohh, those drapes would make a lovely frock!"

draperies colorful
kaftans and curtains

You imagine yourself swathed in the fabric, cascading elegantly off of your body.

kaftans and curtains

This is why I LOVE a kaftan. All that gorgeous fabric!!! And you get to swim around in it.

kaftans and curtains

A beautiful Kaftan hugs the body in all the right places and flows where it's supposed to flow. It moves with you, making you like some kind of gorgeous kinetic sculpture.

kaftans and curtains

You get to be surrounded by stunning fabrics…your body is totally enveloped in color and pattern…heaven!! I love a kaftan and you should as well! Everyone (including men) should have at least one in their clothing repertoire! 

Yves St Laurent and kaftans
kaftan and draperies

I have mad kaftan love!! Who can blame me??

Mercury glass Mirrors and Liz Taylor!


I love low lighting and soft focus. That’s why I love mercury glass mirrored walls or partial walls.

mercury glass mirrored wall interior design

Add a stunning wall of “antiqued” mirrors to any room, it adds depth, light and space. It adds a sense of the mysterious…and…you get to dance about the room feeling like Elizabeth Taylor in that advertisement for her White Diamonds perfume, when you catch your refection. All muted and smoky and soft filtered.

liz taylor
interior design liz Taylor

Nothing I love more than swanning into a room and catching my fabulous image in a soft focus mirror (touch of narcissistic behavior, I know!!)

wall of mirrors, interior design Seattle

As I get older, and my eyesight gets worse, it just gets better and better!! You no longer see the bags and sags…”who is that gorgeous thing in the refection?”

interior design Seattle, mirrored walls
interior design, Seattle interior designer

The addition of Mercury glass mirrors to any room makes it simply the best!! These mirrored walls open up a room, without being garish. 

A mirrored wall delights me!!!


White Rooms and Louise Nevelson

I’m having a “thing” for white rooms these days!

white room

White is purity, cleanliness, calmness.

white room

They say white contains all colors of the spectrum. White is awakening, reflective and open. Living in a white room is a commitment, like being a minimalist. I am more of a maximalist myself, but I could be a white maximalist with suggesions of other colors. Throw in some greys and creams and soft yellows. 

white room design
white room interior design

My fantasy involves having white rooms with open windows and breezes flowing in along with fresh air and sunshine. 

white room interior design Seattle

So, when in doubt, paint it white! Louise Nevelson, the great American Sculptress did. White paints pulls it all together. More on Ms Nevelson at a later date! Don’t get me started…I adore her!!

interior design art, sculpture