Kaftans and Maria Von Trapp!!

I often have that Maria Von Trapp moment that I'm sure you all can relate to. That moment when you walk into a room and think "oooohh, those drapes would make a lovely frock!"

draperies colorful
kaftans and curtains

You imagine yourself swathed in the fabric, cascading elegantly off of your body.

kaftans and curtains

This is why I LOVE a kaftan. All that gorgeous fabric!!! And you get to swim around in it.

kaftans and curtains

A beautiful Kaftan hugs the body in all the right places and flows where it's supposed to flow. It moves with you, making you like some kind of gorgeous kinetic sculpture.

kaftans and curtains

You get to be surrounded by stunning fabrics…your body is totally enveloped in color and pattern…heaven!! I love a kaftan and you should as well! Everyone (including men) should have at least one in their clothing repertoire! 

Yves St Laurent and kaftans
kaftan and draperies

I have mad kaftan love!! Who can blame me??

Diane Von Furstenberg, Design Genius!

What’s not to love about Diane Von Furstenberg. She has always been an inspiration, starting in 1974 when she designed her iconic wrap dress.

Diane Von Furstenberg, Design Genius

It’s still as fresh and fashion forward today as it was then. The lovely duchess of Cambridge, looking fab in a DVF wrap!


Kate Middleton

Here’s Michelle Obama rocking the wrap dress look!

Michelle Obama dress

Look at the curvy Diva Mariah looking very elegant.

Mariah Carey DVF design dress

This brilliant dress design looks good on every body type. Slim, curvy, big, little. The dress conforms to you. What a simple and brilliant idea! I have several and I suggest you run out and grab one for yourself! Diane is never afraid of bold color or pattern, that’s what I love about her.

DVF design

She’s brought her fashion sensibility and love of color to a stunning line of home fabrics. I cannot get enough of these fabrics they simply make me happy!!!

DVF fabrics